Matt’s Monthly Insurance Tips

October 11, 2018

This is an informative blog about how to get the lowest home and auto Insurance rates and how to keep those low rates once you get them. We offer a common sense approach that works!

Home Insurance

This month we will start with home insurance as anyone with a home will tell you that rates seem to be rising and this year a bit more than normal. It is no secret that homeowner insurance rates are directly related to the claim catastrophes of hail damage to the 1000’s of roofs in N Texas over the last few years. As an Independent agent I know the dates of hail storms and for the last 3 years, N Texas has received damage in several cities. From the massive hail storm in Wylie, 4-11-16, to the numerous others from Denton to N Dallas hail damage to roofs has become a common problem.
While you cannot control the weather you can install a class IV impact resistant roof if you do have to replace your roof. This stronger, impact resistant shingle gets you a big discount with many of my carriers and it can help you withstand hail better the next time it comes.
We also have many different carriers that offer a better “fit” for all different customers. Not everybody is a perfect mold or has a perfect credit score. Yes, I said it. Home insurance rates are based upon your credit score. So if you know your wife’s score is better than yours, tell us that.
Remember, call Matt Lohoefer Insurance for the best rate and we will shop the market for you.

Auto Insurance

While home insurance is based on many factors, credit score is one of them, Auto Insurance has different factors that affect your ability to get the best rates. Your driving record, teenage drivers, zip code, type of car, all of these factors affect you auto insurance. A good credit score can help but if your 16-year-old driver gets tickets and has accidents, your rates can quickly double, triple and become a major expense of your monthly budget.
How do you get low auto rates and how do you keep them? The answer is not simple but it is realistic and very obtainable.
Start with teaching your children how to drive conservatively, always going the speed limit and starting off with minimal traffic areas of driving. If they drive to school map out the safe streets with little or no traffic and more importantly controlled intersections w/stop signs and traffic lights. It might be the long way to school but it avoids crossing heavy rush hour traffic streets. It allows for a traffic light intersection vs a stop sign intersection to get across a street.
Also keep teaching your children how to drive. Once they get their license ride with them occasionally and observe their driving habits. Gradually teach them how to drive on freeways and tollways and always remind them of rush hour traffic that can be hard to drive in even for the experienced driver. Be honest with yourself and be a good driver for your kids. Most important of all: DRIVE THE SPEED LIMIT!