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Category: Insurance Tips

  • Inexpensive Fixes for a Safer Home

    Home improvement: It’s a never-ending process for many people, and for those of us who aren’t necessarily handy, it can be a hassle, too. But there are plenty of simple maintenance tasks and other improvements you can handle to make your home safer – whether you’re handy or not. And you won’t have to break […]

    April 29, 2021

  • Starting Your Retirement?

    Saving money on your Insurance premiums means you can put more money back into your savings. Call Matt Lohoefer Insurance for a quote on home or auto insurance. Some tips from AARP on Starting to Save for Retirement.

    April 14, 2021

  • Get Ready for Spring Storms

    Get ready for spring storms and watch this video for some tips. Call Matt Lohoefer Insurance for a quote to make sure you have the right coverage. Call 972-964-0113

    April 13, 2021

  • Are you buying a house?

    You will need home insurance and here is some great info that will help you secure your first home or maybe that larger home for your growing family. Call Matt Lohoefer Insurance for a home insurance quote.

    March 31, 2021

  • Distracted Driving and Your Insurance

    Auto insurance can be expensive and it can cost even more if you start getting tickets or accidents. Check out this info to drive safe and get the best auto insurance rate you can. Call Matt Lohoefer Insurance for a quote. We are a broker and we can shop the market for you.

    March 31, 2021

  • Are Lights Effective for Burglary Prevention?

    It seems like a no-brainer to leave the lights on outside your home to deter burglars while you’re away (or even while you’re asleep). But, does that really work? Or, is it just a waste of electricity? Those answers can differ depending on a number of factors. However, one thing is clear: it takes more […]

    March 8, 2021

  • Why a basic Homeowners policy isn’t always enough

    Sometimes, a basic homeowners policy just isn’t enough. So as your career advances and your income increases, it’s important to keep your insurance protection up to date. This helps you avoid expensive gaps in coverage and prevents you from paying too much out of pocket in case of a claim. To be properly protected, you […]

    February 19, 2021

  • Own a home? Here are two policy options you should know about

    If you have a homeowners policy, you probably expect it to cover all the costs of rebuilding your house in case it’s damaged or destroyed by a covered hazard. But are you certain you have enough coverage? Read about two common situations you may be unaware of — and the affordable options that can help […]

    January 27, 2021

  • 10 Tips to Help Prevent Identity Theft

    Shopping online. Visiting the doctor. Buying gas. In nearly all of the things we do from day to day, there’s the risk of identity theft. You could unknowingly give your information to a fraudster thinking you’re shopping at a legitimate site. Your doctor’s office could experience a data breach. Or, you could come across a […]

    January 5, 2021