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  • open windows

    Keep Cool — While Keeping Your Energy Costs Down

    Two-thirds of households in America have air conditioners, according to the U.S. Department of Energy — and they spend a total $11 billion each year running them. Our guess is that most of those households (which may include yours!) wouldn’t mind spending a little less to keep their homes cool. Because as great as it […]

    September 4, 2020

  • The Great American Roda Trip

    Planning a road trip for a quick get away or vacation? Renting a car maybe? Learn more here. Be sure you know your Insurance coverage options. You can always call Matt Lohoefer Insurance for an auto quote. Call now at 972-964-0113

    September 3, 2020

  • Ever been a car wreck?

    It can be a frustrating time unless you have help the entire way during the repair process. Safeco provides a great Guaranteed Repair Network. Call Matt Lohoefer Insurance at 972-964-0113 for an auto quote. Click here to learn more about how Safeco can help you!

    September 2, 2020

  • Safety on Campus

    Some good info for your college student. And did you remember to get them Renters insurance for their stuff? Read more. Call Matt Lohoefer Insurance for a quote 972-964-0113

    August 28, 2020

  • Positive Insurance Claim Experience

    Want great home insurance with great claim service? Call Matt Lohoefer Insurance at 972-964-0113 for a quote and read below how smooth this customer’s claim went. Customer First Name William Claim Number 0433251 Customer Comment It was easy to do and worked smoothly

    August 25, 2020

  • Buying a new house? Need Home Insurance?

    Buying a new house? Need Home Insurance? Call Matt Lohoefer Insurance, your Independent Insurance Agent for a quote. Call 972-964-0113 Why Waiting To Buy A ‘Forever Home’ Could Mean Never Owning A Home At AllThis isn’t your parents’ economy.

    August 21, 2020

  • Own rental Property?

    Need complete coverage at a great price? Call Matt Lohoefer Insurance at 972-964-0113 for a quote!

    August 10, 2020

  • pool with palm trees in the distnace

    Swimming and Summer are a Perfect Combination — but Make Sure to Include Safety

    When the sun is out and the weather gets warm, people flock to the water — whether it’s the beach, lakes, rivers or a backyard pool. But wherever there’s water, there’s also danger lurking beneath the surface, even if you don’t live in an area with alligators or other threats. That danger? Drowning. According to […]

    August 8, 2020

  • 14 ways new vehicle software is saving lives in 2019

    Learn More here. Want to save money on your auto Insurance? Read this article about the latest hew safety devices on automobiles and if you have a clean driving record call Matt Lohoefer Insurance at 972-964-0113 for a quote.

    August 6, 2020