Auto Insurance and the Youthful Driver

June 5, 2017

If you are a parent in North Texas and your children are approaching driving age, get ready for adventures in driving activity and insurance rates.

It is no surprise to parents of kids that your auto insurance rates will increase when your kids start driving. I hope to shed some light on the subject and help educate parents and the new young driver on things they can do to keep those Insurance rates manageable and more importantly, keep your kids safe.

When your children first start driving, it is important that you gradually let them learn the streets of North Texas slowly. Most new drivers go to Driver training schools of some sort but as a parent you can do more by closely monitoring their driving. Almost all parents go through teaching their kids how to drive in the residential streets around their home. If they have their own car and will drive to school themselves, plot a route thru residential areas and stay off major streets of traffic.

Be sure to tell your kids about morning and evening rush hour and tell them some freeways in Dallas are off limits due to the known heavy traffic. Please make “no cell phone use in the car” a priority subject and constant reminder while they are learning to drive. It’s a different world from when we grew up.

Your insurance rates will go up accordingly for a youthful driver and the increased exposure of a new, inexperienced driver in the car. You can counter that a bit with “Good Student Discount” and if away at college without a car. If they/anyone gets a traffic ticket, take defensive driving or deferred adjudication to erase the ticket from their driving record.

May and June in North Texas are graduation months for thousands of High School seniors. My own son is graduating this year and will attend his ceremonies in the new Dallas Cowboy Star Stadium in Frisco. What a unique contrast as my wife graduated in the old Texas Stadium in Irving.

Happy graduation to all senior high students in North Texas and practice safe driving . Be calm, courteous and patient and aware of your surroundings when you drive in the DFW area. Call us for a comparison quote with your new youthful driver. Thanks for reading: Matt Lohoefer Insurance home of “Better Coverage and Better Prices” Your local Independent Insurance agent since 1990.